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05 April 2030 @ 10:16 pm

This journal is currently on a hiatus. ☆

In other words, the journal will not be updated (at least not very often), but I will be lurking around in the shadows and leaping out to toss a comment here and post stuff there occasionally, not to mention randomly updating my icons. :I

However, I will be accepting friend requests if there are those to come (highly doubting it though), and if there are requests to accept, I will also friend back, most likely. The whole journal is mostly friends locked, although it does not contain that many posts in the end after I went through everything a while ago and mercilessly deleted everything unnecessary.

To cut it short, I like Beast and my OTP is DooSeob and I draw things that should never exist and nothing hurts*.
I regret nothing though and I am not sorry (well maybe a little bit sorry). So call me maybe?
More info of me under the cut if you are interested in any level at all.

*(Click link at your own risk, I do not take responsibility of any seeing wanted to be unseen, or any twisted brain cells for that matter ok I told you I'm not sorry yOU ASKED FOR IT DON'T BLAME ME I HAVE NO SHAME. BYE.)

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12 April 2013 @ 11:22 pm

What do you do when you can't draw for four weeks? I don't know. Draw more, I guess. Tendonitis is a bitch, man.

AU themes are my favorite, both writing and drawing wise. Yeah. Because freedom. 'Androids are cool'; idea pops up. Can't draw due to a horribly aching wrist, but must do it anyway because inspiration. Which always comes when I need it the least. Inspiration was of not knowing what you are. In this case, androids are involved. It seemed cool. And kinda sad. Had to do it.

Finishes it >> casually names drawing as 'nipples'.

Also Yoseob's face is so asymmetrical it's actually really very super difficult to get to look right dear lord, even with a billion references. I never know in the end if I get even close to "right" but in the end I try not to care. That is very difficult as well.

It is my birthday today (yesterday?). 21 is old but it's not old at all. I don't feel any older than I did like five years ago. It's weird. Yeah.

Hi. That's what's up. I don't even know what am I doing. Bye.